Quick Start

1. Start following our social media

2. Join our Discord Server and ask questions

3. Checkout our Meetup Events and visit

The best night to come by is on a Thursday hangout night. Socially awkward? We all are. Bring a project you are working on as an ice breaker.

4. Volunteer!

What you know and do is interesting to us, come and share it with others. We are always looking for presenters.

FAQs: Volunteer

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Regardless if you use the space or not, thank you for supporting your local hacker community.

What can I do to help at the space?

Answer: We have a list of ongoing projects to improve the space on our get involved page. If there’s a project you would like to participate in to make the hackerspace better, please contact the committee volunteers listed under that project to see what you can do.

I would like to teach a class, what should I do?

Answer: You can reach out to us on Discord and let us know, or you can use the forms on the get involved page to submit your class idea so we can make it happen. We’re always looking for more people who would like to teach classes or run events.

Your website looks like a pile of garbage. Can I update it to make it better?

Answer: Our website source code is freely available on GitHub for anyone to fork, edit, and submit a pull request. If you’d like to see something new or different on the website, feel free to submit changes for review by the volunteers who maintain it.

What are the responsibilities of key holding volunteers?

Answer: Key holding volunteers will be responsible for opening the space to the public. Greet people as they come into the space or delegate that to another volunteer. Ensure that the space is being used responsibly. Know how to use any equipment in the space that is being used. Keep equipment locked otherwise. Politely enforce the 801 Labs code of conduct.

I am an active volunteer, how can I get a key to the space?

Answer: As an active volunteer if you would like to take on the added responsibility of being a key holding volunteer, contact [email protected]