801 Labs Research Portal

Writing research posts

Writing research posts

Lets talk about how to write a research post to appear on the research portal https://801labs.org/research-portal/1/

Previously, we used the platform Ghost to write and publish research articles, how tos, and anouncments. This time around in the new website, we have had the research blog function built directly in.

All a user has to do to create an article

  • go into Github
  • fork the repo
  • navigate to the /content/research directory in the main branch.
  • create a new file with a dash seperated name, such as example-post.md
  • import the below code block into your new markdown file. This block of code instructs the website on how to display information about the post. This includes tags, a title, a cover image, an author, etc.
title: <A solid Title>
slug: a-good-slug
date_published: 2018-10-25T02:33:04.000Z
date_updated: 2018-10-25T02:35:15.000Z
tags: tag1, tag2
excerpt: A brief little discription of what your post is about.
cover: 'folder/for/image.jpg'
  name: your name
  avatar: 'avatars/youravatar.jpeg'
  • write your post
  • create a pull request with your post